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Think having your own personal chef is an unattainable luxury? Think again! For what you might pay to dine at a mid-priced restaurant, Ovens to Betsy will handle all the menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging and kitchen clean-up for your weeknight dinners. You receive delicious and nutritious meals that are prepared right in your own kitchen by a professional chef.

And if you’re looking to host a dinner party, Ovens to Betsy enables you to enjoy sumptuous, gourmet fare without having to lift a finger.  Who can put a price on that?!!

Click on the following links for more specific pricing for each Ovens to Betsy service:

Weeknight Relief           Company's Coming           Cooking Lessons

Weeknight Relief

I believe you should enjoy what you want to enjoy, so I separate out the cost of groceries from my fee.  If you want filet mignon or rack of lamb, then by all means have it!  The following outlines my service fee, which includes menu planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and packaging, plus pantry items such as spices, oils, vinegars and condiments.  Washington state sales tax will also be added.

Five entrees, two portions of each:
Five entrees, four portions:
Five entrees, six portions:



Company's Coming

Seated Dinners

Courses available: appetizer, salad, soup, pasta, entrée (w/sides), cheese, dessert

My pricing is based upon a number of factors: your menu (cost of the food, number of courses and the complexity), number of guests, equipment rental (chafing dishes, coffee service, dishware, glassware, flatware, linens, platters, etc.) and service staff required.  Dinners for two start at $100/person for 4 courses, whereas dinners for 12 start at $75/person.


Buffet Dinners (for eight to 20 guests)

In addition to the factors listed above, pricing for buffet dinners also depends upon the level of service desired.  The following is a guideline:

  • Make-ahead service – I prepare everything in advance; you are responsible for reheating (I will provide a timeline): starts at $50/person for four items
  • Up-to-the-minute service – I prepare the food and set up the buffet, but leave just as guests are arriving: starts at $60/person for four items
  • Full service – I stay through the party and handle clean-up: starts at $70/person for four items


Cooking Lessons

Most classes are $55-$75 per person, with a 6-person minimum (groceries are included).  See Course Offerings for more information.  Customized classes for individuals or couples are available for $100/hour with a 2-hour minimum, plus the cost of groceries. 


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