betsyrogersmug.jpgI am a reformed Seattle high-tech public relations flack who came to my senses in 2001 and chucked my high-paying PR gig to follow my passion for cooking, launching my personal chef business, Ovens to Betsy.

Despite a somewhat rocky start (read: it took a while to land my first clients), I knew I found my lot in life. I LOVE what I do, I’ve regained my sanity (some may debate that), my darling (and patient) husband still thinks I’m charming and my kitty-cat is fat and happy. Who could ask for more?

As a chef, I enjoy seeing how food can help fuel your body and feed your soul and look forward to sharing my experiences, recipes and culinary techniques with you. Most of my recipes have a “healthy” bent — lower in fat, incorporating whole grains whenever possible — but I also enjoy the occasional indulgence.

To read about how I keep my own weight in check, go to Eat Drink Run Woman for musings on my fitness shenanigans.

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