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December 10, 2006 on 6:22 pm | By | In Fitness Musings | 1 Comment

I think I’ve been sniffing too much eggnog.

My new fitness goal? Get down to 150 pounds by the Mercer Island Half marathon on March 25 (oh wait, perhaps it’s the CONSUMPTION of said eggnog that’s the culprit). At any rate, according to this morning’s scale, that’s just over 12 pounds in 15 weeks. Certainly doable, but given my proclivities for holiday treats (and my utter disdain for dieting), it could be a stretch. So to push myself a bit more I’m posting this in my blog for all the world to see.

Or at least my legion of fans.

All 5 of you.

What I see as my biggest obstacle is the fact that I don’t feel I really NEED to lose more weight. My darling thinks I’m hot, and more importantly, I’m happy where I’m at (heck, I even had the guts to pose in a bathing suit in the Seattle Times this past summer). Sure I still have pockets of flab that I’d love to get rid of (short shorts are verboten on long runs; I’m no masochist — upper thigh chafing does NOT build character). But I know my knees and feet would appreciate 12 fewer pounds pounding down on them.

Assuming I can even accomplish my goal (I know, I know — what kind of attitude is THAT? Must use the good ol’ power of positive thinking), it will be interesting to see if my body likes being at that weight. I’ve been there before (and was actually 25 pounds lighter than that in my teens and early 20s), but I wasn’t as fit as I am now.

Losing more weight also presents another issue (granted, one that’s nice to have): I may need to buy even MORE new clothes. A year ago my elation over once again fitting into my size 14 jeans (down from size 16) was short-lived as I realized these were “Mom jeans” — relaxed fit, high waist, roomy thighs. So off I went to purchase a more contemporary fit. Soon the stylish 14s were too big and I was heading back for some 12s (and in some cases, 10s). I’ve kept a few in the larger size, thinking I’ll get them altered, but come on — I’m not going to kid myself that that’ll actually happen.

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking (all 5 of you): “Poor Betsy. She may have to go shopping again ‘cuz she’s swimming in her clothes. Boo hoo hoo.”

HARRUMPH I say! Do you realize how much clothes cost these days? And don’t EVEN get me started on the troubles I have finding jeans that are long enough without having to always wear heels (I either have to wear high waters or ones that trail 2-3″). I’m 5’ 11″ for chrissakes — I DON’T need to make myself taller!

But I digress.

So for the next 15 weeks I’m going to make better food choices (sugar cookies are healthier than rum balls, aren’t they?) and step up my exercise routine. I’m once again recording all calories consumed in my diet journal, which ain’t easy considering I prepare most of my meals from scratch and have to break each item down into its separate components. In order to make my goal, I’ll have to reduce my net daily caloric intake by about 450 calories. Considering my love of food, especially this time of year, methinks increasing my exercise will be the key.

Check back to read about my progress!

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  1. Have any wonderful new Christmas toddy recipes that you know about. I went to a website to find out how to make “China White” shots and it was practiaclly like a porn site with all of the names. “Sex on the Beach” was one of the tamer ones


    Comment by Kim Rogers — December 20, 2006 #

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