The last long run

November 18, 2006 on 6:21 pm | By | In Training | Comments Off on The last long run

Next Sunday is the Seattle half marathon, so today I ran my last long run before the race (7 miles). Given we ran 15 miles last Saturday, today’s run seemed like a jog in the park. Actually, it WAS a jog in the park — Woodland Park, to be precise. We started with a few hills through the park and ended up at Greenlake where we ran twice along the inside loop. Although Greenlake can get a bit boring (we live just 2 blocks from there, so we run it a LOT), it’s also nice to run a trail you do know so well. My darling’s ankle was bothering him at the beginning of the run, so we figured if it got too bad, he could easily bail halfway through. However, he was a trooper and finished with me.

I was a bit of a slacker this past week, as I didn’t do any running whatsoever (although I did do some cross training). I figure if I can run 15 miles, I’m ready for the half. Besides, I need to give my body a bit of a break. I made the mistake of going to spinning class the day before the 15-mile run and found my IT band calling out to me that evening. Our spinning instructor likes to do a lot of stabilization exercises on the bike (where you’re not holding on to the handlebars), and I believe that’s what aggravated it. I’m not really good at stabilizing, so I was making a major effort to do so. Lesson learned — no spinning class before a race!

Fortunately it was just a minor ache and I soldiered on for the 15-mile run. Thankfully we had a break in the crappy weather; we awoke to a perfect running climate: relatively clear skies with little wind. Although we brought a couple of energy bars to eat during the run, we were ravenous when we finished. The Red Door Alehouse beckoned as we walked through Fremont to our car. We gorged on sliders, a fried chicken salad and chili, but the absolute best part was the do-it-yourself Bloody Mary. They provide a glass of ice and vodka (with our without salted rim), and you do the rest. The offer both regular tomato and Clamato juices, Demetrio’s Bloody Mary mix, Tabasco and an assortment of veggies: pickled asparagus, cocktail onions, spicy beans, olives and celery. Damn that hit the spot!

This coming week will also be a mild one. My post-Thanksgiving gig was canceled, so I’ll be joining my darling in Whistler (I won’t be skiing, however). I may get a run in early Wednesday morning, but we’ll be hitting the road immediately after I get home from my client’s house. I will be bringing my running gear to Whistler, but I have no idea what the conditions will be like (it may be too snowy). My training may just consist of drinking hot toddies by the fire!

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