43 — What a fabulous number!

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Why, you may ask, is 43 such a fabulous number? For starters, yours truly turned 43 today (although I feel just as fit and sassy as when I turned 33). It’s 43 days until Christmas, one of my favorite holidays (I actually like Halloween better, but for some reason I tend to get into the Christmas spirit more). And most significantly, it’s 43 weeks until the Marathon du Medoc — our first full marathon.

When I first read about it in Runner’s World in an article about the most fun marathons in the world, I was intrigued: 26.2 miles through the chateaux of Bordeaux with 22 wine tastings DURING THE RACE, including stops at Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Mouton Rothschild, and the famed oyster bar at mile 23. What better a marathon for drinkers with a running problem? But it wasn’t until we were basking in the delirium after the Seafair half marathon that we became committed.

We’ve been talking about going to France for some time (my darling spent 6 months in Paris during college ), and given the race is held a week before our wedding anniversary, we figured it would be perfect timing. Apparently it can be difficult to get in (of the 8,000 racers, they allow only 2,000 international participants), but we’ve found a tour company, Marathon Tours, who offers guaranteed entry (along with a fabulous itinerary that includes lots of wining and dining). Should we decide not to imbibe too much during the race, not only will there be copious amounts of wine afterwards (each finisher gets a bottle of wine), there’s a 9K recovery walk through the chateaux the next day. Our deposit check is in the mail!

A couple of things I need to do before our trip:

1) Learn French (or at least some basic conversation). I’ve purchased the Rosetta Stone program, but unless I only need to say “The boy runs” or “The girl jumps,” I probably should set aside more time to study.

2) Pick a costume. Approximately 95% of the runners wear costumes, so I wouldn’t want to be a spoilsport (besides, dressing up is one of the reasons I love Halloween so much). Thing is, if this were merely a 5K race then I could just buy a Halloween costume online (I’ve found a Vineyard Vixen costume that would be PERFECT). But Halloween costumes tend to be cheaply made — no technical, breathable fabric there! — so if I want to make it all 26.2 miles without chafing, I’ll probably need to create a costume from scratch. And if I’m to go with the Vineyard Vixen theme, I’ll have to find a bra that works at cross purposes — creates mondo cleavage while providing plenty of support!

3) Educate my palate for Bordeaux wines. My darling and I tend to veer toward the fruitier Zinfindels and Shiraz/Sirahs, but we’d both like to expand our horizons.

Oh, and I suppose I should add a 4th: TRAIN!

Of course I already have my training mapped out. We’ll be doing Jeff Galloway’s run/walk program since I figure we can time our walk breaks to the wine tastings. We may even try a training run while drinking — there’s a wonderful trail right by Chateau Ste. Michelle winery.

Oh those crazy French!

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