I think I’m ready

August 25, 2006 on 9:31 am | By | In Training | Comments Off on I think I’m ready

It’s T minus 17 days to the triathlon, and I’m feeling rather prepared. Thanks to a calculation error I greatly over-estimated how many laps equal a half mile (the distance I’ll need to swim in the race), and I’ve already swum it a couple of times, both in the pool and in open water. Here I was anticipating having to swim 35-45 minutes, while it hopefully will be more like 20-25 (I forgot to wear my watch during yesterday’s 1/2 mile Greenlake swim — DOH!)

Next week will be a heavy training one, but then I’ll be tapering off. I need to get more comfortable on my new road bike (particularly clicking in and out of the clipless pedals), but the 40-mile Chateau Ste. Michelle winery ride this Sunday should do the trick. (A couple glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon might provide me some confidence, or at the very least it will dull the pain should I tip over).

On Tuesday I’ll be joining the LUNAChix triathlon group for an hour+ “brick” — a bike ride immediately followed by a run. Not sure why it’s called “brick,” but I’ve decided it stands for “bike/run = ICK!” Your thighs scream “Hey! What are you doing to us? We thought we were done!” as you begin your run. It eventually wears off as you settle in to a regular pace, but it’s not the most comfortable feeling. I’m SOOO glad I was warned about it so that I gave myself plenty of time to practice.

Now that I’m feeling rather comfortable with the physical demands of the race, I need to focus on my nutritional needs. Given my work and training schedule I may not have as much time to develop new recipes as I would like, but I’m certainly going to try. But if all else fails, I still have a couple of balls of whole grain pizza dough to fall back on!

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