Blame it on the posole

October 29, 2007 on 6:47 pm | By | In Food Musings | 3 Comments

Well folks — it’s official: we CAN’T go a month without eating meat. In fact, we can’t even continue with the “experiment” for a full month.

As I hinted in my last post, the going was getting tough. Whenever I deprive myself of something, that’s ALL I can think about. In addition, by foregoing meat I was making up for it in terrible ways: giving myself carte blanche when eating chips and salsa, fried food and cheese. Oh, and did I mention wine? Here I thought I might actually lose weight, but I’ve managed to gain a couple of pounds (although that may have to do with not being able to run for the past couple of weeks due to a hip issue).

We haven’t gone whole hog (just part of it!). I’ve been allowing myself fish on several occasions (I was getting tired of having an apple with peanut butter for lunch each day; the sushi at Whole Foods called out to me). Our Chinese take-out on Thursday included our favorite, salt & pepper prawns, and on Friday my darling and I had lunch with a friend at a Korean restaurant. I ordered the pork and mushroom soup, he ordered the bibimbap. Although neither contained a plethora of meat, it was still a transgression.

But what totally put me over the edge was the posole.

While organizing my pantry I found a bag of blue hominy. Now the weather has turned cold I thought a steaming bowl of posole would be the perfect fall comfort food. Normally it’s made with grilled pork or chicken, but we decided to add tofu instead. I simmered the posole with a paste of New Mexico chiles combined with a ancho chili rub I found in our pantry (it also had a bit of brown sugar, cumin and some Mexican oregano). I also threw in some vegetable broth and a can of diced tomatoes. After it had simmered for at least an hour I tasted it. It was definitely missing something.

The more I thought about adding the tofu, the more I felt it would be a travesty. Mind you, I LOVED the tofu in the Asian vegetable and won ton soup I had previously made, but in the posole? No way. It would do nothing to add flavor, and the texture would just be weird. So I decided I’d just grill up some pork, add it to the stew and then freeze it.

It never made it to the freezer.

One of our dear friends just had surgery to correct a detached retina, and since she’s forced to keep her head down for a week to help the healing process, we thought we’d try to cheer her up with some posole and corn muffins (fortunately she can sit up for short periods of time to eat). Damn, was it good!

We haven’t yet gone for a burger or steak (although I have a bunch of grass-fed rib-eyes in the freezer from Alderspring Ranch), but tonight we’ll be enjoying an herb-roasted chicken. So while I still maintain I’m NOT the biggest carnivore on the planet, it’s obvious I wouldn’t make a good vegetarian.


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  1. Hey, at least you gave it the “old college try”!

    Comment by Caffienated Cowgirl — November 2, 2007 #

  2. Yeah, you’d make a terrible vegetarian. I almost became one after killing and cooking my first animal. It lasted a day, because that little goat was as delicious as he was cute. Look, if God meant us to be vegetarians, he wouldn’t have made meat taste good, end of story! But congratulations on trying.

    Comment by Lesa Sullivan — November 6, 2007 #

  3. LOL: I would fail this test miserably:). That posole sounds wonderful!!!

    Comment by janelle — November 7, 2007 #

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