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As my darling can attest, I love variety in my food. Rarely will I want to eat the same thing 2 nights in a row. After all, there’s hardly any food I don’t like, so why be boring?

However, there are exceptions to my rule. There are nights where I make something so incredibly scrumptious that I proclaim, “I can eat this EVERY night!” Pizza tends to be one of those items; grilled chicken pitas with hummus and tzatziki sauce another. But lately I’ve been craving Vietnamese spring rolls.

I’ve loved them since I was first turned on to them several years ago, however, the thought of making them was always daunting. While I strived to roll up nice, compact cylinders, inevitably the rice paper would break at a critical point and I’d have to start all over again. And in a moment of temporary insanity, I agreed to make some for a party for 35 people. Mistake! I was cursing like a sailor as I tried to get those suckers to look picture (or platter) perfect.

Then my darling introduced me to Saigon Bistro in Seattle’s International District. When you order spring rolls, they do not come already assembled. Rather, you get a tray of all the accoutrements and a hot bowl of water so that each person can make them as they wish. BRILLIANT!
Spring RollsI made ours last night with grilled flank steak that had been marinated in a bit of Thai green curry paste, lime juice and fish sauce, but you can also do pork or shrimp. I normally use rice vermicelli, but all we had were somen noodles (still very tasty!). After boiling the noodles I toss them in a bit of the dipping sauce: fish sauce, rice wine vinegar, minced Thai peppers, palm sugar and a bit of soy sauce. We tend to vary the vegetables depending on what we have handy, but it’s typically julienned carrots (blanched), cucumber, green onions, fresh mint, fresh basil, cilantro and sometimes bean sprouts. We like to use the larger spring roll wrappers since they’re a bit easier to work with, plus we’re pigs!

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