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July 31, 2006 on 9:11 pm | By | In Eat to Train | Comments Off on Vindicated!

As my darling husband can attest, I can be a bit anal . Sure, I love spontaneity in moderation, but I’m really more comfortable planning things out, especially when it involves forcing my body to do things it really doesn’t want to do.

Take our recent half marathon. I was determined to finish the race with minimal aches and pains, so I found a training plan that seemed to work well with our schedules. For 16 weeks I mapped out our tempo and long runs using a Thomas Guide and pair of dividers (gotta be exact, ya know!). Once we started getting into the 8+ mile runs I made sure they ended near a decent brewpub (burgers & beer being our postrun meal of choice).

My darling humored me by coming along, although our running styles are quite different. I liken him to a puppy dog who scampers along the trail, sniffing flowers, eating berries and pointing to various sights of interest. I, meanwhile, am a focused runner who keeps her eye on the clock. If our training plan says we must run 10 miles that day, then by God that’s what we run — no more, no less.

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I’m just a girl who can’t say no

July 22, 2006 on 10:36 pm | By | In Work Musings | Comments Off on I’m just a girl who can’t say no

I love calls like these:

Potential Client: “I’m a friend of DW (a current client) and really need you to come cook for us for the next week. My husband is ailing and I just broke my hip and there’s no way I can cook. DW’s been telling me I need to call you.”

Ovens to Betsy: “I’m so sorry, but I’m totally booked. But let me give you the name of another chef who might be able to help you.”

PC: “Oh, I don’t know what I’m going to do. We need someone now. Can’t you just make a few meals to deliver to us?”

OTB: “Unfortunately I don’t deliver; I just cook in my clients’ homes. And I have a client every day this week.”

PC: “What if you just make some extra meals for us when you’re cooking for DW?”

OTB: “Well, you’d have to eat the same thing as they do.”

PC: “That’s fine.”

OTB: “And I just prepare 5 dinners; no breakfasts, no lunches.”

PC: “That’s perfect.”

OTB: “Do you have any allergies, or are there any foods you don’t care for?”

PC: “Nope — whatever DW eats is good enough for us.”

OTB: “Well, I’m not sure how I’d charge for this.”

PC: “I know you’ll be fair.”

sigh… How could I say no?

When I call DW to tell her the news, she tells me “God is saving a place for you in Heaven.”

I think it’s more likely there’s a spot saved for me in a nether region, but it definitely makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Ah my pretties…

July 21, 2006 on 8:00 pm | By | In Random Musings | Comments Off on Ah my pretties…


We’ve been anticipating the opening of a farmer’s market in the auto repair shop-cum-junkyard- cum-Christmas tree lot down the street. For a little over a month there have been huge yellow signs touting “Opening Soon! Farmer’s Market!” How cool, we thought, to be able to walk a mere 5 minutes for a bevy of fresh, local fruit and veggies. It hasn’t turned into the mecca we had envisioned, but there has been one booth with an assortment of flowers and delectable-looking bunches of carrots and bok choy. Last night we finally decided to make a pilgrimmage only to find they were somewhat lacking in their produce offerings. But they did have these beautiful baby beets. So despite the fact we’re suffering through a heat wave like much of the nation (yes, even Seattle temps can get into the 90s), I braved the heat and roasted up these delightful morsels. Yum!

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