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Strongest. Half Marathon. Ever!

March 26, 2007 on 6:27 pm | By | In Race Reports | 7 Comments

Mercer Island finishOkay, so yesterday’s Mercer Island Half Marathon was only my fourth, but I must say I kicked some serious butt. Sure there were probably hundreds of people who finished ahead of me, but I don’t care about that — I compete against myself and yesterday my bad self whipped my wimpy self all over the course.

Although my finish of 2 hours, 9 minutes, 35 seconds was about six minutes behind my Seafair finish, the aftermath was much more pleasurable. Yes, I was sore and in need of some serious couch time immediately after the race, but I feel fine today and even mustered up the strength for a 4-mile walk. Conversely, after Seafair my darling and I only had enough strength to collapse on our deck chairs for an hours-long nap, and I pretty much took off the entire week following from any type of exercise.

I attribute my success to Jeff Galloway‘s run/walk program. I know it has some detractors who say it’s cheating if you don’t run the entire way, but for this 40+ body, it’s a godsend. It prepares me both mentally and physically; I have no doubt I can run 13.1 miles since I’ve already gone farther than that during my training program (14+ miles). By incorporating walk breaks from the very beginning, I can finish the race strong (in fact, I was faster during the last half of the race than in the beginning). I’ve decided I don’t need to prove anything by trying to run a sub 2-hour half marathon; I’m just looking to have a good time and keep my body healthy and injury-free for the next race.

The Mercer Island Half was particularly significant for me as it’s a fund-raiser for colon cancer awareness: my dad is a colon cancer survivor, although unfortunately his dad is not. I know diet & exercise play a crucial role in one’s risk of developing colonMy big bottom cancer, so that was a primary impetus for me to get back on a healthy track two years ago. Early detection is also very important, especially given my family history. But my doctor and I have butted heads (tee-hee, I said “butt”) about when I should get a colonoscopy. I thought I could wait until I’m 45, but she’s insisted I get it done ever since I turned 40. I’m 43 now, so obviously I’m a little behind (giggle). I know I need to do it, but let’s face it: it’s not a fun procedure and I’ve been putting it off. I guess I’m just a cheeky (snirk) old gal. My bottommost (chuckle) concern is the stuff you have to drink to clean yourself out. But I refuse to let fear rear (snigger) it’s ugly head and have scheduled an initial meeting with a colorectal surgeon on April 16. I’m sure it’ll be a gas (yuk yuk yuk)

(Yes, I’m actually only 12).

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December 1, 2006 on 8:01 am | By | In Race Reports | Comments Off on Proof!

I’m unable to post photos right now since I just upgraded to IE 7.0 and can no longer access our FTP server, so until I find a good FTP client, here’s a video of me finishing the Seattle half marathon (I’ll be coming in from the upper right; I’m the one in the 2-toned purple jacket, orange shirt, black pants and kitty-kat wool hat).

Oh the weather outside is frightful…

November 26, 2006 on 3:44 pm | By | In Race Reports | Comments Off on Oh the weather outside is frightful…

Waking up to snow at Whistler: FABULOUS!

Waking up to snow the morning of your half marathon: not so fun 🙁

Actually the run wasn’t bad at all once we got running (and it was more sleet than snow, which eventually turned to rain. However, it’s now turned back into snow but I’m comfortable, warm and dry, so it doesn’t matter).

But I digress.

I was determined to follow the run/walk plan today, but I have to admit it was pretty difficult slowing to a walk as thousands of people swarmed all around. My official time was 2 hours, 18 minutes, 57 seconds, but on my watch it was 2 hours, 11 minutes and 54 seconds. Why the discrepancy? Because I chose the SLOWEST Port-o-Potty line in the entire race.

I was about 55 minutes in and finally decided to heed the call of my bladder. I had passed a few other loos but thought those were too busy (HAH!). All of us in line were getting antsy as runner after runner kept passing us. However, I did feel much better afterwards and sped up a bit to make up some time. Despite the cold downpour I finished strong (I’ll post some pictures later) and am nowhere near as sore as I was when I finished the Seafair half marathon this past summer. I guess there is something to be said for walk breaks!

It pays to be old & fat!

September 20, 2006 on 6:08 pm | By | In Race Reports | Comments Off on It pays to be old & fat!

My neighbor, the elite triathlete, had mentioned I should enter a race as an Athena sometime since, “I’d be surprised how well I’d do.” You see, some races have a special division for the big boys & girls — Clydesdales: men 198 pounds and over, and Athenas: women 150 pounds and over. Seems like a rather low weight for the women, but as long as it works in my favor, so be it.

The Subaru tri didn’t offer that division, but the Kirkland tri did. I figured what the heck! At 160 pounds, I am indeed an Athena. Much to my surprise, I finished No. 1 in my division (Athenas 40 and over) at 1 hour, 42 minutes, 45 seconds! Okay, so there were only 10 of us in the division, but STILL!!! If you grouped all the Athenas together (25 total), I’d still come in No. 4 (just don’t ask what my overall place was; it wasn’t that great!)

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1 hour, 49 minutes, 51 seconds

September 11, 2006 on 8:42 pm | By | In Race Reports | 2 Comments

My first triI’m hooked!

I was warned that this might happen — triathlons are addicting!  In fact, about an hour after I got home I was online signing up for another tri this weekend.  What’s even cooler is that my darling is going to do this one with me!  (It’s our 6-year wedding anniversary this Saturday, and even though he’s not one to do organized races, he figured it’d be an easy way to get out of buying me a gift :))  Now for a recap.

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