Another Schedule C line item

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As I mentioned in my “I resolve” post, one of my goals for 2007 is to try out more local restaurants (which I will review in my blog). However, I believe a review will do you no good unless you know what makes me tick. What are my tastes? Where are my frequent haunts? By what criteria do I judge a fabulous vs. lousy restaurant experience? Know that and you can decide if my review is valuable to you.

Thing is, we rarely go out to eat, and when we do it tends to be to our tried-n-true neighborhood joints. My darling and I really are homebodies, so the thought of having to dress up and drive any farther than a couple of miles seems daunting (many places we frequent are within walking or stumbling distance). Plus there’s the cost; for my darling, $30 is a reasonable night, $50 is getting into spendy territory, and $100 is downright splurging (and that’s total — not per person — including drinks!). I’m less frugal, but if I’m shelling out more than $30 per person (not including drinks), then I expect the meal to be memorable. Because of this frugality, although I may recommend a more expensive restaurant to friends or visitors, it’s unlikely I’d frequent it again any time soon. With so many choices in Seattle, I’d rather try something different when I’m in the mood for a splurge.

Although I’ve never worked in a restaurant, I do empathize with the folks who do. Running a restaurant is NOT easy, so I tend to cut some slack. But I do expect knowledgeable service staff who are attentive without being pushy. The food should be properly cooked, natch, and presentable. Portions need not be large (I prefer they aren’t), but I do expect value for my dollar. I don’t care for fussy food, but I do appreciate creative plating (it gives me ideas for when I cater dinner parties). I’m not part of the “see and be seen” crowd, so I prefer a more casual and quiet environment. As for type of food I enjoy, my tastes gravitate to the exotic — big, bold, spicy flavors (that best describes how I cook as well).

The following is a list of my frequent haunts:

Asian — Thai Siam, Blue C Sushi, Musashi’s, Snappy Dragon, Than Bros. Pho (their cream puffs are to die for), Zao Noodle Bar, New Kowloon
Mexican/Southwestern — Gordito’s, Malena’s, Matador, Tacos Guamas, Burrito Loco
Pizza — my own :-), Tutta Bella, Pagliacci, Zeek’s
Pubs — 74th Street Alehouse, Barking Dog, Brouwers, Hales
Other — Kabul Afghan Cuisine, Neighborhood Cafe (breakfast), Red Mill Burgers, Salumi, Chinook’s, Wingdome, Herbfarm (okay, so that’s a once-every-one & a half-to-two-years excursion).

Although most of my reviews will be for more moderately priced restaurants, I do intend to treat myself to a splurge every once in a while. (After all, I can probably write off the expense!) Stay tuned…

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