The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

December 20, 2006 on 8:47 pm | By | In Food Musings | 2 Comments

I know what you’re thinking — she ate herself into a cinnamon roll stupor and her brain is too sugar-addled to blog. Well, I’m happy to say the cinnamon rolls are still snuggled away in my freezer, but given this past weekend’s cookie fest, I feel like I have sugar coursing through my veins.

With a nod toward my darling’s favorite spaghetti western, here’s the week in review:

The Ugly: a routine trip to the mailbox sent my dad to the hospital with a broken ankle, forcing him and my mom to cancel their trip to Seattle for Christmas. He’s recuperating in a nursing home, but it could be weeks — if not months — before he can come home (they have to wait until he can put weight on his foot). Note to the city workers of Waterville, Maine: when you see an elderly gentleman signaling to you from the ground in windy, cold & rainy weather, you might stop to see if he needs help. Simply waving back to him and driving on could REALLY exacerbate the problem (it took him 40 minutes to hobble back inside; by then his ankle was at a 90-degree angle).

The Bad: my mom — another fabulous cook — is having a hard time cooking just for one. She’s also forced to deal with a lot of tasks that my dad once handled.

The Good: she’s finding the strength and courage she never thought she had to tackle these challenges.

The Ugly: a huge windstorm barreled through the Puget Sound a week ago, and quite a few of my clients are still without power. I spent Monday emptying out one client’s freezer of hundreds of dollars worth of food. I was able to salvage a bit — including a turkey dinner with all the trimmings — but had to throw out three garbage bags full. One of my other clients, who may not have power until this weekend, summed it up best: it’s the Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Bad: since I didn’t cook for a couple of clients this week I still have their Christmas cookies. They’re taunting me (the cookies, not my clients). Please make them stop.

The Good: everyone seems to be in rather good spirits. Two clients are in hotels and the other has a powerful generator going. I’ll have no oven to work with tomorrow (unless the power comes back on), but at least the 200 pounds of salmon they have in their freezer has been saved (apparently the generator keeps both the refrigerator and freezer going, but not the oven and microwave).

The Ugly: I couldn’t just settle for cookies as my client treat. No, I had to prepare my southwestern Chex Mix. It’s got your 4 major food groups (and a few minor ones) — Bugles, Fritos, Corn Nuts and Goldfish. Toss those with toasted pepitas, Spanish peanuts, pretzel sticks and Crispix cereal and drizzle with Tabasco, chipotle Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, Mexican oregano, Tony Chachere’s and butter — LOTS and LOTS of butter — and you have a snack that’s more addictive than crack cocaine (and possibly worse for your body).

Disclaimer — neither yours truly, nor her darling, nor her friends, nor her family, nor anyone who’s ever come into contact with yours truly — has ever done crack cocaine. It’s just once again an easy analogy.

The Bad: my weight loss has been “loss challenged.”

The Good: my cookies made a lot of people smile this week: the security guard in the gated community where one of my clients lives, the checkers and folks in the meat department at Whole Foods (gotta take care of those who take care of me), my neighbor, my clients (those who still have power, that is).

The Ugly: the cold, the dark, the driving wind and rain have conspired against me, sapping all my desire to run.

The Bad: I’m allowing the weather to be my cop-out. I’ve just been a slacker, pure & simple.

The Good: I finally dragged my sorry ass back to Pilates last night (or more accurately, my sorry back). Actually, my exercise regime hasn’t been too neglected, but given my weight gain, I mean, my “loss challenge,” I feel I should step things up. But what the heck, it’s Christmas. Time to celebrate!


  1. Betsy,
    How do you know I never did crack cocaine?
    Just Kidding!

    hey i was just checking for recipes for injection marinades for a pork roast and found a food blog called “Meathenge”
    It’s got pics ‘n’ everything.You might want to post a meat platter pic.

    Oh, one more GOOD thing to add about Dad in the nursing home. His 6th grade teacher is in there and remebers him. He turns 81 in two days and she’s 95!
    Too much eh?
    merry Christmas,


    Comment by Kim Rogers — December 23, 2006 #

  2. Oh and i wanted to add a “m” to remember now that it’s too late for proofreading the last post.

    I saw a marinade that had Dr. Pepper and I wondered what “Coke Blak” would taste like. Probably more like a Chinese hoisin flavor, yah think?


    Comment by Kim Rogers — December 23, 2006 #

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