Dang, that’s a lot o’ turkey

November 28, 2006 on 10:21 am | By | In Whatcha Got | Comments Off on Dang, that’s a lot o’ turkey

What the heck was I thinking? TWO turkeys for just 11 people? Was I concerned our tryptophan levels were perilously low? Did I anticipate we’d become snowbound without any chance of getting out? (That actually isn’t too far-fetched; we’ve been stricken with a bone-chilling snowstorm over the past few days). Whatever the reason, I’ve been saddled with a butt-load of leftover turkey. Time for Whatcha-got experimentation!

After meticulously deboning the turkey I threw all the bones and turkey detritus into a large stockpot, covered the mess with water and simmered it into a stock (which will most likely be used for future experiments). My first test was the epitome of the Whatcha-got meal — nothing was purchased other than the bread we served with it.

In addition to the turkey, I dragged home what seemed like a trunkful of apple, sweet potato and turnip cubes (I wasn’t the only one to over-estimate how much we’d eat). After picking out the best ones (by now half the lot was getting pretty brown), I tossed them with some turkey, fresh cranberries, a bit of brown sugar, a handful of raisins and about a cup of the turkey stock.

As that baked I raided the fridge for other things I could throw in. Parmesan breading? Nah. Jalapeno-garlic stuffed olives? Please — they’re just for martinis. Apple-cranberry Chutney? Has potential, but I already have cranberries and raisins. Curried panko? THAT’S IT! Nothing like taking a traditional American meal and giving it an international flare. I sprinkled that on top and continued baking until the casserole was bubbly and the top was golden brown.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the other 50 pounds of turkey that’s in my freezer.

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