November 14, 2006 on 9:09 am | By | In Food Musings | Comments Off on Indulgences

This time of year tends to send me down a slippery slope when it comes to food. It starts in the beginning of October when I begin craving caramel apples. Then the candy corn begins arriving, followed by the “fun size” Halloween candy bars. Just when that gets polished off along comes my birthday, which I always use as an excuse to indulge. Thanksgiving is hot on my birthday’s heels, and we’re all familiar with the food & drink frenzy December brings.

Fortunately my training program for the Seattle half marathon has helped keep my weight in check, but I know if I continue in this vein I’ll be packing on an extra 3-5 pounds by January. I don’t intend to forego all holiday indulgences; I just want to show a bit more restraint. Given the food & drink orgy my darling and I embarked on for my birthday this past weekend, we’ve decided it’s “back on the program” until Thanksgiving. That means no booze, no candy, no junk food. Just good wholesome lowfat meals chock full of veggies and whole grains.

However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share with you JUST how decadent our weekend was. Stay tuned!

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