Done deal

October 16, 2006 on 6:29 pm | By | In Training | Comments Off on Done deal

I did it — I’m now officially entered into the Seattle Half Marathon (I’d have taken a picture of my number but we don’t get that until the expo. The receipt from Super Jock ‘n Jill just didn’t seem like it would be the same).

I was SUPPOSED to do a 6-mile long run on Saturday, but we went out with friends to Brouwer’s for Belgian beer and I spent most of the day on the couch nursing the effects of said beer. But the day wasn’t all for naught: I read several chapters in Jeff Galloway’s “New Marathon” book. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

I vowed I’d make up for my sloth on Sunday (hmmm… seems like I’m doing that a lot these days), and of course I awoke to the sound of pouring down rain. D’oh! I figured it was the perfect punishment for starting down that slippery slope. I decided I’d try Jeff’s run/walk program, where you intersperse frequent walk breaks with your run. The idea is to keep your body/mind fresh throughout. And you don’t wait to take those walk breaks — you start right in the beginning.

For longer runs I’ll run 6-7 minutes and walk 1 minute, but since Sunday’s run was a relatively short one I did 8:1s. My overall pace was a little over 11 minutes/mile, which is what it should be (Jeff recommends running the long runs at least 2 minutes slower than what you hope your marathon pace will be). It certainly felt strange running so slowly, but I really enjoyed myself, despite the downpour and my super-saturated shell (looks like it’s time for a trip to REI for new raingear).

My darling joined me for the first lap, and we easily carried on a conversation (something I’m not normally able to do while running). As I’d get passed by other runners, my inclination was to yell out, “Hey! I really CAN run faster. I’ve just chosen not to. Don’t you know who Jeff Galloway is?” But I decided that might make me look like a freak (not that I don’t already).

Whereas I was dog-tired after my 6-mile tempo run on Thursday, after Sunday’s run I was in prime shape to cater that night’s dinner for six.

And yes, the skies cleared up the moment I stopped running.

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