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I kept my word and just finished my 6-mile tempo run. My darling joined me, and I may actually convince him to enter the half with me. He’s planning on joining some friends in Whistler for Thanksgiving (I have a gig the day after so I won’t be going), but they’ll be back in time for the half. He’s basically training with me, so why not?

I started the morning with a half hour of laps in the pool. It’s been great cross training, and I actually feel I’m getting stronger in my shoulders (I can even see a smidgen of definition!). I’m still rather slow — I alternate between the “easy” and “medium” lap lanes — but I think my form is pretty good. I’ll going to check out Mary Meyers pool clinic soon to make sure I’m not developing poor habits. With twice-a-week lap sessions I should be in prime shape for next tri season!

Today’s cookdate was very quick — less than 4 hours. I’m cooking for Donnie’s husband, and it’s still very sad to be there. He’s holding up, but barely. Her memorial was this past weekend and I catered a family dinner for them afterwards. They’re so appreciative of the service; not only for when Donnie was alive, but also for their dad. I cooked him some of his favorite comfort foods: butternut squash risotto, glazed cauliflower with toasted almonds, rack of lamb with herbed potatoes and marinated flank steak. He’s been getting a lot of dinner invitations from friends, but he also enjoys having a good meal alone.

Despite another glorious day, I was feeling less than motivated for the run. As I was checking email (and yes, reading more blogs), I came down with a case of the sleepies. But I knew if I didn’t get my butt in gear it would never happen. Even as we started the run I felt someone had slipped me some slow powder. It took a good 15 minutes before I actually started enjoying myself. Because it was such a nice day we headed over to Alki point; it was soooo refreshing to run by the water. sigh.

Tonight’s dinner will also be much more healthy than last nights (I’m not even going to admit what I ate after that bowl of popcorn). I had a little bit of flank steak left over from today, so we’ll be making some Vietnamese spring rolls. And yes, there will be a glass of wine (or 2) involved. But at least this time I earned it!

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