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Lest you think we chefs only dine on haute cuisine, consider my dinner this evening. I’ve had a LONG day (more on that later), my darling is on a photo shoot, and there’s nothing in the fridge or freezer that takes less than 1/2 hour to prepare. So I’m sitting here with a big bowl of popcorn (air-popped, topped with a bit of butter and some Tony Chacheres) and a glass of liquid potatoes with 2 olives 🙂 I’ve bagged off my 6-mile tempo run (I’ll run it tomorrow, I swear!) and will most likely spend the rest of the evening watching the Biggest Loser and grazing on various nibbles. Pretty glamorous, huh?

My day started off well, but soon went downhill. My muscles were sore from my cardio class Monday morning (coupled with the afternoon speedwork), so I decided to skip my morning weight routine. I did, however, make it to my 1/2 hour ab lab, which thankfully was rather tame. Last night’s procrastination meant I still had my client paperwork to do, and I also wasted time on emails and reading blogs. I normally like to arrive at my client’s house by 10, and it was well after that by the time I pulled up.

I knew today’s menu would be a bit more time consuming, but I didn’t realize how much. Now that the weather had turned colder my menus feature more “comfort food” that tends to take longer to prepare. Today’s menu included sausage-stuffed braciole, an Italian dish of stuffed flank steak in a marinara sauce. The steak marinates in a red wine vinegar and shallot marinade for about an hour, then gets stuffed with a sausage & mushroom filling. After rolling & tying the steak, you sear it, deglaze with red wine, add the marinara and then braise it in the oven for a couple of hours. Very tasty!

The other items on the menu weren’t so difficult: a rosemary/garlic marinated salmon that the client will grill, served with steamed asparagus; Lemonato Kota, a Greek parmesan breaded chicken dish with mushrooms served with a Greek salad; chicken & broccoli gratin with homemade caramelized focaccia; and firecracker shrimp with rice. I just wasn’t in the groove today, so everything took much longer to prepare. I’m sure it didn’t help that my client just got THE MOST ADORABLE chocolate lab puppy, who scampered about just outside the window to the kitchen.

I finally hit the road about 4:45 p.m. — a good 1- 1 1/2 hours past the time I normally leave. By then the traffic was horrendous; my 20-mile commute took over an hour. With the sun soon setting, I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to run. Perhaps I’ll just sit home and read the chapter on motivation in Jeff Galloway’s “New Marathon” book I received yesterday 🙂

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