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Wednesday’s are my tempo run days, which means I’m running at a slightly faster pace than what I hope to run for the half marathon.  Since I’m just starting my training for the Seattle half marathon, I’m not doing a lot of mileage.  Yesterday I was scheduled to run 4 miles at an 8 minute, 47 second per mile pace; not a big deal.  But I got a late start and didn’t get home from my client’s house until a little after 4 p.m.  I always like to unwind a bit before hitting the trail, so it wasn’t until almost 5 p.m. that I even began to think about putting on my running shoes. 

My darling arrived home just about then, and although he agreed to join me on the run, he first needed to pick up a prescription.  Our pharmacy is right next to our grocery store, so I decided to join him since I hadn’t figured out what we’d have for dinner.  (Basically this is all leading up to my bagging off my run, but I digress).

We didn’t have a clear idea of what we wanted to prepare for dinner, which is always dangerous.  But my darling has a rule that we HAVE to buy whatever is the first thing we see when we enter Greenwood Market (they always have their sale items prominently displayed in the front).  Lo and behold there was a huge display of chanterelle mushrooms, and although they were still quite pricey at $14.99/pound, I had to buy them.  You see, I had just been reading Chubby Hubby‘s post on the truffle & mushroom pizza he and his wife made, and I knew I had to try it.  Mind you, I didn’t have any truffles handy, but I did have a bunch of truffle oil.  I figured I’d just saute up the chanterelles with some porcinis and creminis, throw them on the pizza crusts along with some mozzarella and drizzle on the truffle oil.

Just knowing that I’d have a tasty pizza to come home to was motivation enough to do the run.  I compromised a bit — I just did one lap around the ouside of Greenlake, or 3.2 miles — but I did bust my butt.  My pace was about 8 min., 38 seconds, but I think I may have pulled a couple of muscles along the way.  Fortunately a good nights’ sleep took care of the aches and pains.  But back to the pizza…

Rather than prepare a separate porcini bechamel (as Chubby Hubby did), I whisked some flour into the mushroom mixture and then poured in the porcini liquid.  I added a bit of lowfat milk (that’s all we had!) and some chopped fresh tarragon and grated pecorino-romano.  I let it reduce until it was fairly thick, then seasoned it with salt & pepper.  I then topped the pizza crust with this mixture, along with some mozzarella cheese.  It was quite good, but not the OH MY GOD good that I was looking for.

Then there was tonight’s pizza.

The client menu today included a spicy eggplant-tomato sauce.  The recipe makes 6 portions, but I only needed 4 for the client.  Normally I’d just make the 4 portions, but since I love this sauce, I made the full batch and brought the rest home.  I slathered the sauce on the dough and topped it with some chicken Italian sausage, mozzarella and goat cheese.  Can you say HALLELUJAH?!!  Man, was it good.  Of course, the 2 double martinis may have contributed to my enthusiasm over the pizza, but I still think it was damn good.  A delightful treat after my Pilates class!

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