Gluttony comes in many forms

August 13, 2006 on 11:04 am | By | In Random Musings | 1 Comment

Here I go again.

The triathlon isn’t for another 4 weeks and I’ve already set my sights on another goal: the Seattle Half Marathon. What IS it about training that gets me so jazzed? Most people would welcome the return to normalcy after a long training program, but I relish the order and discipline it brings. I love creating charts outlining my daily training goals for a particular race as they provide a tremendous sense of accomplishment once the race is completed.

While my darling is content to just run or exercise for the fun of it, I thrive on the camaraderie of a race. I need the number, the finishing medal, the t-shirt. All the numbers, medals, photos (including the one of me finishing just ahead of my darling in the half marathon) and finishing times from previous races are placed in a race binder — another terrific way to chart my fitness progress. From the Teddy Bear bus tunnel run in 1990, to Hood-to-Coast relay races in ’95 and ’96, to numerous St. Patty’s Day Dashes, to the Seafair half marathon in July 2006, I’ve documented them all — 30 over the past 16 years!

My darling gets a kick out of my anal-retentiveness, but fortunately he’s learned to put up with it (even when I drag him out on training runs). After all, he realizes that this lunacy is far preferable to my couch potato days, where my main exercise consisted of hoisting a beer mug in one hand while noshing on chips & salsa in the other. (Mind you, I still hoist a brew and pig out on chips and salsa, but it tends to be preceded by an intense bout of exercise.)

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  1. In my own defense, I don’t care how much my lovely wife weighs. I just care that she smiles so much more these days!

    …And that I finally wrestled her credit card away.

    Comment by Matt (Her sweetie) — August 13, 2006 #

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