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Part 2: Salivating for Salads

November 5, 2006 on 9:54 pm | By | In Recipes | 1 Comment

Caesar salad is one of my signature dishes. Creamy and garlicky, it’s the perfect complement to most Italian meals, especially pastas with tomato sauce. And while I realize this may be blasphemous, I forego the coddled egg in favor of mayonnaise to create the emulsion (along with Dijon mustard). So many people are leery of raw egg these days, plus mayo is easier! I serve the salad with my home-made garlicky baked croutons, which many clients find more addictive than crack rock.

(Disclaimer: NONE of my clients are crack addicts or have even tried crack. Yours truly — along with all her friends and family — has never tried crack. It was just an easy analogy).

Okay, back to the Caesar salad.

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Guilt ridden

November 5, 2006 on 7:05 pm | By | In Recipes | Comments Off on Guilt ridden

I feel like I’ve let down my legions of fans (aka Mom, Dad, hubby, friend Wendy and all the online pharmacy, erectal dysfunction drug and sex toy purveyors). My goal for this blog was to share my experiences with food and fitness, as well as healthy cooking techniques and recipes, yet all I’ve been doing lately is blather on about my training (that is when I’ve even bothered to write). But between my work and running schedule, I’ve been too pooped to do so. Bad Betsy.

So tonight I will assuage my guilt and offer up a few recipes/techniques I’m really digging right now. Most of my clients are looking to lighten up their meals (and one is on a rather strict diet), so I’ve been tasked with finding recipes that are lower in fat but still full of flavor. Many of the techniques/recipes come from Cook’s Illustrated’s “The Best Light Recipe,” but I’ve also been turning to the CIA’s “Techniques of Healthy Cooking.” The latter is written more for a commercial kitchen environment (most recipes are for 10 servings or more), but I have found a few that are adaptable for the home kitchen. For now I’ve skipped over the ones that call for Fond de Veau Lie since I rarely have 25 pounds of veal bones lying around.

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Perfect. JUST perfect.

November 3, 2006 on 6:31 pm | By | In Training | Comments Off on Perfect. JUST perfect.

The weather report for tomorrow:

Rain likely. High around 55F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Rainfall may reach one inch.

And here I have to run 12-13 miles. sigh. At least I have my new LL Bean jacket to keep me warm and dry!

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